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 Given the chance, most graduates of The Landmark Forum® would like to do business with other graduates.
The thing is, we're not given the opportunity to do that in Landmark's courses and programs. 
That makes complete sense inside their buiness model, and it's why we've created Landmark Grads.
We stand for the possibility of community.  Come join us today!
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Possibility exists in conversation, and results come from taking action!

If you've got a business or project to share with your fellow graduates, get started today! .It's quick, easy, and makes a difference!


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Take advantage of special offers from business members, receive notifications about new company listings, and find out about community events by becoming a registered user. 

Registered users can view full contact information for organizations listed in the directory, leave feedback, and create listings of their own!

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Share your possibility with the Graduate Community!  Describe what you do, tell them where you're located and how you can be contacted. 



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Do you know a fellow graduate who might be interested in either knowing about businesses owned by fellow Graduates or listing their own business in our directory?  

Share!  Let people know about us.  No, you won't get a toaster but you might just make a difference in someone's life!


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Join us for an opportunity to network with Graduates. Come meet other graduates and connect around what we're all up to professionally.


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Disclaimer and Empty & Meaningless Unlimited are not affiliated with Landmark Worldwide.  This site was started by and for graduates of The Landmark Forum® to support the graduate community. 

That said, we did communicate with Landmark to inform them of our intention to create the site and made sure that we are not breaking any agreements by publishing it.

Without integrity, nothing works.  

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