Add or Manage an Offer



1. Log into the site, and select Add/Manage Offers from the MANAGE YOUR LISTINGS menu

2. If you have more than one listing in the directory, select the business you want to create the offer for.

NOTE: Click the Save button at any time while you're creating the offer to save your work and continue.


3. Enter details of the offer

  • Subject – the name of the offer

  • Alias – the alias of the offer

  • Category – categories of the offer

  • Main category – this category will be used for showing the marker on the map

  • Short description – Enter a brief description of your business or offer that will be displayed when visitors to the site search for offers.

  • Description – the description of the offer

  • Start date – offer start date

  • End date – offer end date

  • Publish start date – the date when the offer will be available on site

  • Publish end date – the date until when the offer will be visible on site

  • Publish start time – time when the offer will be available, (associated with start date)

  • Publish end time– time when the offer will not be visible (associated with end date)

  • Show remaining time – display the remaining time of the offer

  • Price – The original price of the product/service

  • Special price – the special price of the product/service.  If you enter a price in this field, the system will calculate and display the discount %.  

  • Currency – select the desired currency
  • Offer Caption – (100 char. max) A short description of the offer that will display on offers search results view and the offers details page

  • Type - an offer type can be chosen here.  Offer types are listed below.  We have tried to provide a wide choice of offer types to allow you greater flexibility, but if you'd like us to add something, use the Feedback button on the right side of the screen to let us know.

    • BOGO (Buy One Get One)
    • Coupon
    • Discount
    • Free Consultation
    • Free Delivery
    • Free Workship
    • Product Sample
    • Promotional Price
    • Special Price.  
  • Associated company – the business listing that is associated with the offer

  • State – the status of offer (active/inactive)

  • Additional Info In this section show the offers custom attributes, if the attribute is set to active.

  • Offer location It allows you to set the location of an offer, and there’s also the possibility to load the listings’ address by selecting the Load address button on top of the offer location section.

  • Offer pictures: You can upload pictures and set a description for them in this section. To upload a picture simply click the Browse button and choose the desired picture by navigating through your content.

    • The first picture shown in the list will be displayed in the Offer Tile and Search Results.
    • In the offer details page, an image carousel scrolls through images.
    • To change the order of uploaded images, hover your cursor over the images and it will change to a hand.  Left-click and hold using your mouse to "grab" and move the images so that they are displayed in the order you want.
  • Offer videos You can add links to videos from YouTube or Vimeo.  Use the Add video link to add more videos.  

  • Offer attachments: You can upload attachments and set a description for them in this section. To upload an attachment click choose file and select the file to upload from your computer.

4. Click either the Published or Unpublished button at the top of the Offer Details to set the status of the offer.

5.  When you've finished adding the offer, click Save & Close.



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