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Creating a business listing on is simple, but we've created this document so that you'll know what to expect.  If you gather information in advance the process will go pretty smoothly.  Before you get started, there are few important things you should know:

  • In order to create a business listing, you first have to register as an individual.  If you aren't registered yet, click here and do that now.
  • At this point in time, we are not accepting payments for listing.  Since the site is brand new, our goal is to first grow our community of members and businesses.  In order to create the free listing, you'll need a coupon code.  If you don't have one yet, contact us.
  • Finally, you can edit the listing after it's published.  If you get stuck on something, finish as much as you can and update it later.


Now to create your listing!

  1. Login to the site and select the Add a Listing option from the Manage Your Listings menu.
  2. Select the a listing type.  To take advantage of the free listing offer, select the Founder's Package.  

Required Fields

There are only 5 required fields for a business listing.  We recommend that you be as complete as possible, to help potential customers understand why they should connect with your company.

  1. Business Name
  2. Business Type.  This is for search purposes on our site, and there are three options: 
    • Business
    • Charity/Non-Profit
    • Social Good Project
  3. Business Description.  Tell people about what you do.  The Business Description is displayed when a user views your business details.
  4. Business Category.  This is based on SIC Codes, and is a way for you to identify the goods/services you provide and is another way to help someone find your listing in the directory.  Our list is roughly based on the list provided by the NAICS Association.  If for some reason, there isn't a category that works, pick the closest one and use the green feedback button found on the right side of each page on our site to request a new category.  You can select up to 10 categories.
  5. Main Category.  This field will automatically populate based on the first category you select, but you can pick from any of the categories selected above.

Optional Fields

Many of the optional fields are self-explanatory, but here are some hints for how to use them:

  1. Keywords.  Keywords are another way to help people find you in searches.  Use words or phrases that describe your product or service, location, target market, or most any aspect of your business.  To add keywords, type a word or phrase and click enter on your keyboard.  There is no limit on the number of keywords you can use. 
  2. Short Description.  The short description of your business is just that - a concise explanation about your business, designed to encourage visitors to view your business listing.  The Short Description is visible when a list of businesses is displayed, after a user searches the directory.  
  3. Business Location.  A location is not required.  Many businesses today are completely online, which make a location meaningless.  Other people work from a home office, and would prefer not to publish their address where anyone on the interwebs can find it.  You control how much information to share:
    • Provide a complete address.
    • Show only your City, State, and County by setting the "Only publish my City, Region and County" button to Yes. 
    • Leave the section blank so that no address information is displayed.
    • If you have more than one location, use the Secondary Locations section to add them.
  4. By default, your business listing will be linked to your user profile.  Additional contact information can be added using the Business Contact Information fields.  
  5. Media.  Each package allows you to upload a Logo, a Cover Image, and a certain number of Pictures and Videos.
  6. We strongly recommend adding a Logo or some other representative image to get people's attention.  If you don't have one, the system will add a generic image.  It fills the space but isn't very interesting.
  7. The Cover Image is a background picture that will be displayed at the top of your business listing.
  8. Add pictures to show your products or services.
  9. Videos are not stored on our site, but you can share links to videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
  10. Use Attachments for things like price lists, brochures, or product samples.

When you're finished, click the Save & Close button.

PRO TIP - Create Offers and Events to create interest in your listing.  Offers and Events are automatically listed on the home page of the site.  Additionally, we post them on the Facebook page and include them in the Member Newsletter.

These images show where information show where and how visitors see the information you provide in the Business Listing:

Search Results
Business Listing


Disclaimer and Empty & Meaningless Unlimited are not affiliated with Landmark Worldwide.  This site was started by and for graduates of The Landmark Forum® to support the graduate community. 

That said, we did communicate with Landmark to inform them of our intention to to create the site and made sure that we are not breaking any agreements by publishing it.

Without integrity, nothing works.  

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