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Empty and Meaningless Unlimited was founded by Jamie Henderson and Scott Herbst.  Both are business owners and graduates of The Landmark Forum®.

Their goal is to support the graduate community by providing a place where Graduates can share their professional life with each other.  

Landmark's policy of not letting participants in their courses and programs promote their businesses makes perfect sense.  In that context, it distracts from the intention of the event.

Landmarkgrads.com is designed to allow graduates of The Landmark Forum® (and its predecessors) to share their business, projects, or not-for-profit organizations with other graduates. 

  1. As professionals, we want to share who we are professionally with the graduate community.
  2. As consumers, we want to support the graduate community and do business with each other
  3. As people out to make a difference in the world, we want to share what we’re up to, and give others an opportunity to do the same.

Jamie Henderson

Jamie completed the Forum for the first time in September of 1988, in Chicago with Ed Gurowitz.  He immediately fell in love with the possibilities that are available in a transformed world.  Since that time, Jamie has completed more than 50 Landmark Programs, Courses, and Seminars.  He has been an Introduction Leader, Introduction Leader Program Coach, and Production Supervisor.

My participation at Landmark has made a huge difference in my life.  I met my wife Leslie assisting at an Advanced Course Evening Session.  We've been married since 1996 and have two wonderful daughters, both of whom did the Forum for Young People.  I reconciled with my Dad after more than a decade of barely speaking, and we had 30 great years together before he passed. 

Professionally, I changed careers within a year of completing the Forum and tripled my income.  I have traveled extensively as a consultant, and was able to spend a year living and working in the UK with my family.

I've led a created life for the last 32 years, thanks to the things I've learned at Landmark.

Jamie Henderson
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of E&M Unlimited

Scott Herbst

Scott completed the Forum for the first time in 2003 in Sacramento with Barry Terry, and has been regularly participating ever since.  He has completed more than 30 programs and been and Introduction Leader, Registration Team Leader for the Wisdom Course, and a Level 3 Course Supervisor.  

My participation in Landmark's programs have been the difference in my life.  At the time I did the Forum, I was considering dropping out of a PhD program and giving up on a dream of being a scientist.  For some reason, I wasn't getting my research done and I was looking for anything that would make that easier.  Two weeks after my Forum, I submitted a draft of a project I thought was going to take me another 6 months, and then went on to get my Ph.D.  

I can't see an area of my life Landmark hasn't touched.  I started taking action on dreams I was dead to.  I became a stand-up comedian.  I started travelling.  I became a leader in every area of my life.  What moves me most is that, out of my participation, the feedback I get is that the people around me grow and develop out of who I am.  


Scott Herbst
Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of E&M Unlimited


LandmarkGrads.com and Empty & Meaningless Unlimited are not affiliated with Landmark Worldwide.  This site was started by and for graduates of The Landmark Forum® to support the graduate community. 

That said, we did communicate with Landmark to inform them of our intention to create the site and made sure that we are not breaking any agreements by publishing it.

Without integrity, nothing works.  

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