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In the fall of 2017, a group of Graduates in the suburbs of Chicago got together and decided it was time to give Graduates who own businesses share themselves in the community. That conversation turned into the first ever (as far as we know) Graduate Expo that took place in January of 2018. There were 64 exhibitors and close to 200 visitors, and everyone in attendance agreed that it was a great experience.

The Graduate Expo was an opportunity for graduates of The Landmark Forum® (and it's predecessors) to share their business, projects, or not-for-profit organizations with other graduates. It was because:

  1. As professionals, we want to share who we are professionally with the graduate community.
  2. As consumers, we want to support the graduate community and do business with each other
  3. As people out to make a difference in the world, we want to share what we’re up to, and give others an opportunity to do the same. is a continuation of that conversation. Our intention is to create a possibility marketplace where Graduate business owners and consumers can find and support each other, and in turn support the larger Graduate Community
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If you haven't already registered as an individual, do that first. Then pick a plan and register your business. Use the links below to  get started

Disclaimer and Empty & Meaningless Unlimited are not affiliated with Landmark Worldwide.  This site was started by and for graduates of The Landmark Forum® to support the graduate community. 

That said, we did communicate with Landmark to inform them of our intention to create the site and made sure that we are not breaking any agreements by publishing it.

Without integrity, nothing works.  

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